Nothing To Complain About (Demo)

by Pinky Swear

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released July 3, 2014




Pinky Swear Frankfurt, Germany

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Track Name: In My Head
If you ask me what I hate about you the most
I would say it´s nearly everything you do or say
And I hope that one day you can change and in the end finding back to yourself
But I can´t find the answer to this many questions that I my head

Few years later we´ve met again
at a sunny place and I seemed to be stupid enough
to think that you have changed
You´re still the same

And If you ask me the questions you asked me before
I would have the answer
I don´t think that you will change some day
and in the end finding back to yourself
And I could find the answer to this many questions that were my head
Track Name: Unaware
Tell me how can I get your attention?
I got so many well meant intentions
I don´t know what to say or to do
I´m acting like a fool
How can I make your eyes turn onto me?

Tell me how can I wake your interest?
I got so many feels I can´t rest
I don´t know what to do or to say,
I am about to break
How can I get your whole courtesy?

I can´t tell you how I got these problems
I´m fighting with myself and my insecurity
It stands me in the way,you just think that I´m okay
I´m a good actor in every way
How can I show you which way I use to be?

It feels like going on forever
and I´m thinking now or never,
I´m taking all the guts I got
I´m walking over to you
And she said...
Track Name: Neophobia
This is the time I´m going my way
leave behind another wasted day
Not looking back,just go ahead
I left all bad memories for dead
Try to keep my regards not too low
yet I´m not shure where it will go
But I will keep on going anyway
because it just feels so right to me

It felt more right to me
Much more honestly

Like an anchor it pulled me down,
I tried to swim,tried not to drown
So I needed to break this chain
before my life goes down the drain
Sorry that I had to leave so rapid
wanted to take the time,but I couldn´t grab it
I slammed the door,nothing left to lose
I went away,left you confused

I´m sorry I had to leave
But I just couldn´t breathe

Time heals wounds,as well as distance
I took it,felt some kind of riddance
You said once „distance is poison“,but for me
it´s an antidote
Track Name: Won´t Be Missed
You said words that won´t be missed
This time I´ll be dismissed
again I am the only one
Who thinks about what went wrong
I try to take this not too hard
I should have known this from the fucking start

It let´s me think about it all
The words you said,the things you´ve done
The mistake lies not by me
But maybe you see things I´m not able to see